Natural Hand Dyeing Class

Natural Hand Dyeing Class


In our 3-day* Natural Hand Dyeing Class, you will learn to transform our locally grown yarn into many shades using both local and exotic natural dyes. This hands-on course includes preparation of the yarn and dye materials, rinsing, and proper put up of the yarn for its intended use. You can also take part in the adventure of harvesting local plants to use during this process, or enjoy the use of exotic dyes such as Cochineal bugs, Madder Root and Indigo.

*Our regularly scheduled Hand Dyeing Classes occur once a month over the summer and fall. If you would like to learn to hand-dye but cannot make our scheduled classes, please contact us to discuss additional scheduling possibilities. Our instructor Toni is a busy bee, but always excited to share her knowledge with interested students!

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IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of the class's work with dyes, boiling water and outdoor excursions, please plan to wear suitable clothing for these kinds of activities (long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes).

“We took a week's dyeing class at Tierra Wools with Toni Broaddus.  It was a truly enjoyable and instructive experience.  We learned a lot.  

First of all, there was the hands-on training in boiling local plants to obtain dyes, how you lighten or darken the chosen colors according to dilution of the dye bath, how you over-dye, how you use cochineal and indigo, how you time the saturation of yarn in the various stages of the dye bath, dry the yarn and make it ready for use in weaving.  Beyond that, we spent part of an enjoyable day in the field harvesting plants in two different locations.

Beyond this, there was the pleasure of getting to know Toni.  She has the right mix of knowledge, practical savvy, experience and personal openness, with a good sense of humor so that the more laborious parts of the dyeing process move along smoothly.  She is patient and understanding and encouraging: everything you'd want in an instructor, and she is an expert in the work she does.  She is also an accomplished weaver, so you could say she has personal knowledge of both ends of the weaving process: the dyeing and the drying and the weaving.  We strongly recommend this course to anybody interested in the process of dyeing with natural plants, cochineal and indigo.”

~ Joan and Barry Cotter