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Molly B. Manzanares

Molly B. Manzanares, master spinner and weaver, was one of the founders of Tierra Wools. She grew up in a cattle ranching family in the Chama – Tierra Amarilla area. After graduating from Escalante High School in Tierra Amarilla, she attended New Mexico State University in Las Cruces and University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She returned home and married Antonio Manzanares in 1979, where they raised cattle, sheep, and hay.

Molly B. Manzanares herding the flock back home to Los Ojos.

After the founding of Ganados del Valle (Flocks of the Valley) in the early 80’s and the birth of Tierra Wools, Molly learned to spin and weave under the tutelage of Rachel Brown, noted spinner, weaver and author. Molly soon became a teacher to help carry the tradition forward. She also helped write the weaving curriculum used at Tierra Wools today.

Molly is the mother of four children, Agustin, Lara, Raquel, and Luisa. Molly and Antonio have over the years expanded their flock to about 900 ewes. They raise Rambouillet and Churro sheep and market lamb and wool under the Shepherd’s Lamb label.

Besides weaving, helping Antonio with the sheep, going to market, answering calls for the ambulance and teaching EMT classes, Molly likes to ride horses and spend time with her family.