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Johanna Terrazas

I was a founding member of Tierra Wools and hung around till 1996. My husband, Randy, started his own business and I decided to help him. I continued weaving on my own.

My desire to produce intricate and double weave pieces (woven in two pieces and sewn together) has consumed me. I hand spin the majority of my yarn and the yarns are all naturally dyed.

I collect some of the dye material and have Lupe dye my natural dyes. The wools come from Molly and Antonio’s Churro sheep. I pride myself on my product coming from the Valley.

I get some Rambouillet from local growers that is blended with Mohair 50/50 and commercially spun. Because I work alone, washing, carding, spinning and then weaing the products, I can only work in small lots and weave a few pieces a year.

My work shop is located 1.5 miles south of Chama. Contact me at 575-756-2907