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Cari Ann Sample-Malver
Loom Dancer Designs

Cari always had the desire to learn to weave and discovered Tierra Wools in New Mexico one day on her way to Santa Fe. She immediately fell in love with the concept of a women-owned cooperative that was dedicated to preserving the rich weaving traditions of Norther New Mexico and Southern Colorado. She promptly signed up for a class and fell in love with the craft.

Weaving for Cari represents a metaphor for life itself. It is a time-honored art that intertwines the threads of ancient wisdom, sacred traditions and contemporary design. It is the taking of each thread of living and weaving it into a tapestry of unique design. Ultimately, weaving allows Cari to celebrate artistically the endless beauty that embraces us all.

Cari finds the inspiration for her weaving in the mystical and magical surroundings of the Southwest. Whether it is the majestic mountains or the vivid colors of the desert landscapes; the limitless shapes of the weathers rocks or dreamy twilight skies, it all feeds her soul as well as the designs in her weavings.

Based on her passion for travel and a desire to help in fostering a love and respect for the many peoples and enviroments of the world, Cari founded the adventure travel company, Nature Quest in 1992. In her “real life”, for the past 18 years, she and her company have offered a variety of uncommon journeys around the world designed for active travelers. She is now offering weaving workshops around the world for adventurous weavers.

Cari splits her time between Telluride, Colorado and Chama, New Mexico with her husband, Greg and two dogs, Jake and Chama, as well as two horses. In her free time, Cari enjoys riding her horse, skiing, hiking, cooking for her friends, and of course, traveling anywhere and everywhere.