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Alex George Sullivan

Alex George was barn and raised in the Texas Panhandle. During this time he visited Northern New Mexico where he loved the land and the culture. Many years later, and after practicing orthodontics for twenty-one years, he moved to Taos in 1994 and then studied weaving at the Taos Institute of Arts. His instructor was his wife, Bettye, Sullivan, who had previously exposed him to the world of weaving. Mostly he had moved looms and other paraphernalia and viewed weaving as a complicated process.

Since learning the initial skills and procedures, he has a new appreciation, not only for the complexity, but also, for the design, artistic abilities, and the hard work which is required. Currently, he enjoys the challenge of seeing if he can weave whatever he may design. He also enjoys seeing the creation and idea materialize on the loom.

In 1999, he received a Masters degree in Art Therapy form Southwestern College in Santa Fe. Most recently, he is working with emotionally disturbed adolescents at a treatment center in New Mexico. He continues to explore other art media and continues to enjoy dying and weaving as avenues of creativity.