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Tierra Wools has been home to many dedicated staff members over the years – from weavers and seamstresses to bobbin-winders, shopkeepers, carpenters, bookkeepers, handymen and women, wool dyers and skirters, custodians, and – many times – people who do all of these things at once! Like any endeavor, it takes a community to make things go. Click on the links below to get to know our current staff.


Back row, L-R: Nathaniel Chavez, Heather Taylor. Front row, L-R: Mary Velasquez, Toni Broaddus, Sophia DeYapp, Adriana Chavez, Olivia Valdez, Molly Manzanares

Molly Manzanares

Sophia Deyapp

Toni Broaddus

Olivia Valdez

Kaye Raymond

Mary Velasquez

Heather Taylor

Nathaniel Chavez