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Tierra Wools consists of more than just weaving. Here you can learn about all of the other Artists that contribute to our studio, representing a wide range of talented arts and crafts skills, from woodworking to wool felting and more.

  • Avonna Lee Anderson
  • Inez Bonwell
  • Ginny Burnett
  • Robert & Viola Chavez
  • Nina Davydenco
  • Francine Diaz
  • Alyce Elliot
  • Siscily Farley
  • Jean Frey
  • Melissa Gonzales
  • LeAnn Gardenhire
  • Judy Gebman
  • Denise Greathouse
  • Andrea Heckman
  • Concha Madrid
  • Alexis Manzanares
  • Dave Morrison
  • Sam Olivias
  • Cheyenne L. Rouse
  • Pat Souder
  • Arlene Valdez