The heritage of our weaving traditions spans four centuries. We weave tapestries with hand-dyed yarns spun from the wool of Churro sheep. We offer two-day, three-day, and week-long classes for four to eight students that allow you to share the skills of our master weavers and create yarns or a one-of-a-kind piece you will treasure.

Hand spinning yarn on the Rio Grande Spinning Wheel.


In our spinning classes, we discuss how to pick a good fleece, what characteristics make a good spinning fiber, and how to wash and prep the fiber for spinning. Hands-on activities include combing, prepping and spinning of the fiber. At Tierra Wools, spinners learn on the Rio Grande Spinning Wheel, designed by Rachel Brown and her husband. This wheel is chosen mostly for the variety of weights of yarn you can spin on it, as well as the amount of yarn it is able to spin in a small amount of time, making it the most useful spinning wheel for local weavers or fiber artisans who use a variety of weights in large amounts.

Yarn hand dyed at Tierra Wools with Cochineal dyes.


In our hand-dyeing classes, you will learn to transform our locally grown yarn into many shades using both local and exotic natural dyes. Enjoy a hands-on course including preparation of the yarn and dye materials, rinsing, and proper put up of the yarn for its intended use. You can also take part in the adventure of harvesting local plants to use during this process, or enjoy the use of exotic dyes such as Cochineal bugs, Madder Root and our very own “Blue Pot” Indigo dyeing method.


Our weaving classes allow you to work side by side with our weavers and include history, design, material selection, warping and loom preparation, and the same weaving and finishing techniques we offer in our own pieces. Tierra Wools has one type of loom that we primarily teach and weave on, the Rio Grande Walking Loom, with two different choices of weights to weave in. Weave a beautiful rug or blanket to take home as the ultimate souvenir.

The “Loom Room” where all the weaving is done.

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Please contact us at (575) 588-7231 for more information or to register for these classes.

CLICK HERE to download a full PDF version of our Rio Grande Weaving School Class Schedule/Brochure.

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