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Denise Greathouse

I am a Research Associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Arkansas. My family and I have lived in northwest Arkansas since 1987; before that we lived in Colorado and Wyoming. I enjoy being out-of-doors surrounded by nature and photography gives me the opportunity to venture into the countryside and off the proverbial ‘beaten path’. My husband and I particularly enjoy roaming the back roads of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado during our summer vacations. Ever since our first trip, I have been captivated by the culture of northern New Mexico, and the unique architectural style of the old adobe churches and houses that dot the landscape. The amazing diversity of flowers and trees and the changing seasons in northwest Arkansas also provide endless photographic opportunities. In my photographs I attempt to capture a sense of time and place; to convey the spirit and ‘texture’ of the scene and of a time when life moved at a slower pace. I am particularly drawn to the old houses and barns abandoned along the highways and country roads.